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Slowing down in politics

Mindfulness Initiative: Global Mindfulness congress of legislators

We love the potential unleashed when 40 MP’s from 14 countries talk and practice mindfullness.

Mindfulness in parliament and society: Former MP Chris Ruane interviewed

Find out how Chris Ruane started using mindfulness as a schoolteacher and eventually took it to politics.

Business Insider: How Mindfulness helps this top congressman stay calm in DC

Wonderful to watch a politician promote mindfulness and the benefits so clearly and openly.

Connect, listen & respond

America in one room: Polling experiment unites 500+ strangers to discuss politics

Wonderful to see how you can go from debate to dialogue by connecting people and listening.

Europe talks: What happened when we paired up 1000's of strangers to talk politics

Inspiring talk about how connection and dialogue can lead to people rethinking their assumptions.

TED-talk: How to have better political conversations

Why moral reframing, empathy and respect  will help having better political conversations.

TV Danmark - All that we share (See what happens when we take away the 'boxes')

What would become possible if we try this in the politicial arena’s over the world? 

Why it’s worth listening to people you disagree with.

Zachary Wood makes a compelling argument on the importance of leaders understanding opposing views.

TV Danmark - All that we share (The power of connection)

‘Just below the surface a total stranger can turn out to be someone you are actually connected to‘……

A Purpose-driven, sustainable impact in politics

Why governments should prioritize well-being

What would become possible if we try this in the politicial arena’s over the world? 

The disarming case to act right now on climate change

Greta Thunberg is a wonderful example of how one person can make Purpose-driven impact. 

The lies our culture tells us about what matters - and a better way to live

David Brooks lays out his vision for a cultural revolution that empowers us all to lead lives of greater meaning, purpose and joy.

Films on (political) leadership

The Iron Lady
Knock down the house
The Two Popes

Slowing down

Connect, listen & respond

A Purpose-driven, sustainable impact

A purpose-driven, sustainable impact in politics

In Dutch
In Dutch

Purpose-driven, sustainable leadership

Finding your purpose

Slowing down

Connect, listen & respond

In Dutch
In Dutch