‘ No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it’. A different approach is needed for politicians and others working in the political arena.

Our SHIP-approach is grounded in the  work of Alan Seale and his Center for Transformational Presence. Amongst others we also draw inspiration from Frederic Laloux’ Reinventing Organizations and Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.

Our aim is to transform politics to support the creation of a world that works, both now and for our future generations.

We offer tools and skill sets based on our SHIP-approach for people and teams in politics, to find the best possible next steps in all complex challenges they face, where a goal oriented approach is proving inadequate. 

Below your can read more about our SHIP-approach and how it may benefit you.. 


  • Embracing talents, intuition, intellect and skills
  • Learning from (leadership) experiences
  • Thriving on learning and growing continuously
  • Curious, imaginative and willing to explore without knowing the outcome
  • Demonstrating high ethical and moral standards
  • Providing a sense of safety and creating conditions for others to thrive and develop
  • Always seeking to broaden horizons of understanding and awareness 
  • Not afraid to take action when knowing what is the next step to take
  • Daring to create an impact based on high values
  • Standing one’s ground on what one knows is right against all odds
  • Express oneself  transparently
  • Vision and decision-making contributes to creating a world that works for all
  • Finding the greatest potential in each situation
  • Understanding the world is built on a matrix of relationships
  • Comfortable not knowing all answers, yet trusting clues for next steps will appear


You will:
  • Have more time to focus on the essentials
  • Experience less stress (e.g. decision-making)
  • Find it easier to prioritize (e.g. using social media) 
  • Have greater impact (e.g. in debates)
  • Experience more clarity  (e.g. political vision)
  • Gain new insights (e.g.  policy making & next steps)
  • Participate in co-creating partnerships 
You will:
  • Experience a better life-work balance
  • Have a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • Deepen your self-knowledge
You will:
  • Gain focus
  • Explore and discover without judgement
  • Reap the benefits of ‘deep listening’
  • Learn to trust your inner wisdom and creativity
You will:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how the world works as energy in motion
  • Learn to explore the greatest potential 
  • Experience the benefits of interconnectedness
  • Serve the greater good 
  •  Value long-term sustainable benefits

How it works

Step 1. Finding the answer within yourself 
In all our work with teams, groups and individuals our starting point is that everyone is capable of finding all answers, solutions or next steps within themselves through our SHIP-approach. 

Step 2. Initiating a discovery process
Our job is to involve our clients and offer intuitive, explorative exercises to discover new possibilities and insights. Mindfulness, whole mind thinking and whole being awareness play an important part in this. 

Step 3. Determining your next step 
During the discovery process you determine the best possible next step and what actions this requires you to do to achieve this. 

Step 4. Reap the benefits
Our SHIP-approach enables lasting, sustainable insights and behavioural change. 
This way of working is a creative process that requires trust and commitment.

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We love to connect to people in order to create awareness about Inspirited Politics and our SHIP-approach. Please be in touch if you are attracted to our vision and are looking for a speaker.