How it started

When I realized current politics did not inspire me 

I know politics has a great impact on many aspects of society including, for example, education, the economy, social service systems, security and the environment. I was sad to realize that I am not inspired by current politics, whether close to home or internationally . As a human being, a socially aware citizen and a conscientious voter, this realization impacted me. It also planted, in me, the first seed of a vision for Inspirited Politics.

When I understood that people in politics cannot always achieve their greatest potential

Speaking to people working in the political arena made a few things very clear to me: people bear a lot of responsibility, they operate under enormous (media) pressure and are subject to scrutiny, especially if elected or holding a public office. It is a challenge to stay true to your ideals, intent, values and dreams due to the day to day demands and the working reality of political life. This can hold back competent people, wanting to contribute to a positive change, from entering politics.

I envisioned leadership development in politics through coaching & training

I started imagining the impact leadership development can have on people in politics.  I envisioned the benefits of people understanding and working with the principles underlying the Self-aware, Heart-driven, Impactful, Potential-based, (SHIP) approach. This picture contributed to me initiating Inspirited Politics. 

To create a world that works for all

My dream is to facilitate the transformation of politics in such a way that political systems support the creation of a world that works for all. Now and for future generations. In this way I trust that politics will contribute to the peace, prosperity and well-being of every individual, their societies and our world. 

I invite you to join or support us on this journey.

Sitara Edward


Sitara was born in England in 1974. She moved to the Netherlands when she was three. After completing her masters in psychology at Leiden University she worked in various (project)management functions with a bank and a healthcare organisation before choosing to make the leap and start her own company in leadership training and coaching.   

She is a certified trainer and coach with a diverse, international background and experience in the corporate world, health industry and welfare. She works together with other coaches from around the world.
Not being personally involved in politics has proven an advantage with the people she meets in the political arena. She has been called a masterful coach, inspirator and trainer by clients and her dream is to  take these qualities into the political arena while not aiming to be a politician. 

Her aim is to support politicians in expanding their awareness and understanding of the complexity of the many situations they deal with. As coaching, training, non-partisan dialogues, and intervision become mainstream in the political arena, people involved can gain new tools and skills for navigating today’s rapidly changing world.


Hi my name is Shippy!

I am Inspirited Politics’ wisdomkeeper. You will see me popping up regularly in Social Media as I spread our vision and talk about our SHIP-approach.

I am a true result of co-creation having been envisioned by Sitara whom trusted her vision to her friend Gert-Jan Vlaming. Gert-Jan is a wonderful artist whom you might also know from the PhingThing. As he truly understands the art of designing soulful characters, I am grateful to have been created by his hands.

Circle of Spaceholders

At Inspirited Politics we realize we are doing things in an unconventional way and some of the vocabulary we use may be new to people. ‘Spaceholders’ is a word used to refer to people who, on an energetic level, support other people in realizing their full potential. 
Inspirited Politics and our SHIP-approach is grounded in the principles of Alan Seale’s Transformational Presence work. To support our platform and our organisation we have a Circle of Spaceholders from the international Transformational Presence Community. The circle consists of valued and enthusiastic individuals who have been involved with the development of Inspirited Politics in various ways. The Circle supports and advises our organisation.

Alan Seale (U.S.A.)
Alan is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst, master teacher and mentor to many leaders and coaches, and the founder of the Center for Transformational Presence. Sitara first met Alan when she took the TPLC course in the Netherlands in 2016 and he and his work have been an inspiration ever since. Her vision for Inspirited Politics sprouted early in 2017 and with Alan’s guidance and support was realized in 2019.
Marga Wijman (The Netherlands)
Marga studied political science and works as a coach and trainer. Sitara met Marga through the Transformational Presence coaching circle in 2017 and she was one of the first people with whom Sitara shared her vision for Inspirited Politics. Every since that moment they have developed an fruitful collaboration, using Transformational Presence tools to figure out the next steps in their personal leadership journeys.
Scott Cordrey (U.K.)
Scott recently moved to a new phase in his life after 28 years working for IKEA, a company whose values resonate strongly with his own. He is discovering new ways, every day, to serve and this makes him extremely grateful and inspired. He continues, every day, to seek ways to support individuals as a coach and mentor and to be ready to use his facilitating skills with team development. Sitara met Scott through a TPLC- graduate call and intuitively reached out to him for support in 2018.
Caroline Veerman (The Netherlands)
Caroline is one of the driving forces within the Transformational Presence community in the Netherlands. As a manager she successfully designed and introduced a programme within her health care organisation, reducing sick leave and … within 6 months. Sitara met Caroline whilst they were both attending the TPLC training in 2016. Since then they have been involved in various
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Co-Creating Partners

The Center for Transformational Presence
Frank Weijers - Spelen met ruimte
Krijger Consult - Sascha Krijger
Coachways - Joanna Zawada-Kubik
Transformational Playground - Vincent Sark
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Stem op een vrouw
CEO Round Table - Francois Nail