Political leadership

With a long-term focus

Coaching & training in politics

  • Being loyal to yourself
  • Strengthening listening and dialogue  
  • Navigating in a complex world

We launched our first podcast series! In this series we talk about innovation in politics. In this fourth episode Sitara spoke to Frank Weijers about Deep Democracy in politics.


Our SHIP-approach is all about unleashing the potential of people in politics,
by slowing down, connecting, listening & responding. 









What we offer

Using our SHIP-approach, Inspirited Politics initiates and facilitates a process to identify, inspire and support leadership development of people in the political arena with the following services:

Personal Coaching

  • To connect to your purpose
  • To increase your impact
  • For new insights on old issues

Training & Intervision

  • Various training programmes
  • International political group calls
  • Political intervision sessions

Political Teams & Parties

  • Vision development
  • Team building
  • Change and crisis management

Who do we work with

What do your political colleagues say about us?


Sitara Edward founded Inspirited Politics in 2019 as a result of her own leadership journey. 

Her aim is to transform politics to create a better world and to contribute to the peace and well-being of every human being, their societies and our world.                                       

She is a certified trainer and coach with a diverse, international background and working experience in the corporate world and health industry. She works together with other coaches and trainers from around the world.


A world of Inspirited Politics:

  • Focusing on the long-term and leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.
  • Navigating the complexity of daily issues with inner wisdom as the compass.
  • Choosing stillness to align thoughts with hearts and feelings.
  • Enabling individuals to listen deeply to themselves and to others.
  • Serving a common purpose, acknowledging differences with care and respect.

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